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Whether you’re part of a small business, large enterprise or work for yourself, makes today’s professionals more productive by eliminating the headache of finding what they’re looking for in their clouds.

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As a UX designer, I work with a team that’s scattered all over the country. We rely on the cloud to collaborate on projects, and lean heavily on cloud apps like G-Drive, Gmail and others. It used to be a head-scratcher to find the latest files or emails I needed because of the pace at which the team was creating stuff in the cloud. has made that part of my life so much easier, because now whenever I need to search for something, I don’t need to think about where it may have been created or by whom. I just type my search into and all the information I need is at my fingertips. rocks! I found that I could quickly find emails and attachments in Gmail way, way faster than using Gmail’s native search function. It has a really clean and clear user interface, I set it up in seconds and I know I can do much more with it like integrating Dropbox, OneDrive, Slack, Outlook and more. is a game changer when it comes to quickly and painlessly finding stuff in your cloud.

Before came along, it could take me 5 or 10 minutes to locate the exact image files I needed. Now, it takes seconds, and I don’t need to remember whether I’ve stored them in Dropbox or G-Drive because Trevi takes me right there. Plus, I also get a neat snapshot of meetings and updates on people in my team related to the topics I’m searching for. Thank you,!

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